Current Residents
Where can I find the rules and regulations for my community?
The resident guide outlines the community guidelines for Knox Hills.
How do I contact my community office?
North & South Dietz Community Office: 502-799-6570
Historic Community Office: 502-799-6560
Oak Park Community Office: 502-799-6580

Property Manager:
Are pets allowed?
Yes, we gladly welcome four-legged family members at Knox Hills. Please see the Knox Hills Pet Policy 
I have a pet that I must surrender. How do I go about doing this?
Residents who need to surrender a pet should follow the guidelines published in our Stray Animal SOP, which includes information and charges for surrendering a pet. Click HERE to review.
How do I submit requests to alter my home?
Knox Hills does allow limited modifications within the homes.
For more information on the approved colors for paint modifications, review our paint request form.If you’re interested in installing a satellite dish, or installing a fence, please review the installation of improvements to Knox Hills residences and return the necessary paperwork. For other modification requests, please contact a member of your community office.
When can I expect the trash and recycling to be picked up?
When is the grass cut?
Can I maintain my own yard?
Yes, residents are permitted to maintain their own yards. Please review our No Mow/No Spray Policy for Residents. You can fill out the form and return to your community office where you will be issued a sign to place in your front yard to notify our grounds crew that you proudly maintain your own yard.
How do I report a maintenance issue?
If you’re experiencing a maintenance issue in your home, please call the maintenance line at 502-799-6565 as soon as possible. If you have a “Permission to Enter” form on file, you can enter an online maintenance request here.
Are there any special safety features or tips about my home or community I should know about?
We have put together a short video highlighting fire, child, water and neighborhood safety.
Click Here to watch the video
Is renter’s insurance mandatory?
Although it's not required, we highly encourage residents to have personal renter's insurance.  For a list of renter’s insurance providers, click here.
Am I allowed to run a business from my home?

Knox Hills does permit residents to use homes for certain business ventures. Please click HERE to review our Home-Based Business Application. Child care services are permitted only if the resident has been accredited through the Fort Knox MWR. Contact your community office for more information.
What is the protocol for weapon registration on Fort Knox?
All firearms must be registered on Fort Knox. Please click here and follow the instructions provided.
Are guests allowed to stay with me?
Residents are permitted to have guests stay with them, however the guests are not permitted to bring pets with them during their stay with you. Knox Hills requires notification for a guest planning to stay in your home for more than 15 days. Visits of more than 30 consecutive days or 45 days in a calendar year require written permission and approval from Knox Hills. You can view the Knox Hills Visitor Notification Form by clicking here.
I’m going to be out of town for a while. Is there anyone who can keep an eye on my house?
We’d be happy to keep an eye on your home! Fill out an “I’ll Be Back” form and turn it into the Community Center office.
What is the process to escalate a concern related to my home or community?
Knox Hills takes resident concerns very seriously and desires to address and resolve any issues in a timely manner to the satisfaction of all parties involved. Click here to view a copy of our dispute resolution process as well as key points to contact available to assist you with your concerns.
I’m moving out. What now?
We understand that moving can be a very stressful time. Take a look at some of our tips below to help eliminate the headaches that often come with moving. 
Your 30-Day Notice to Vacate
A Notice to Vacate is written notice provided to the Community Center Office and is required from all Knox Hills residents. If the resident is a Service Member, then the notice must be provided by the Service Member or Spouse (authorized Power of Attorney required) informing us of your intent to vacate your home. A minimum of 30-days’ notice is required prior to vacating. This is per:
  • Lease Agreement
  • Soldiers Civil Relief Act
 Can't Provide 30-Day Notice?
Contact the Community Center Office immediately and we can review your circumstances. 
Short Orders are defined as orders received by active duty military that are received/dated with a report-no-later-date that is less than 30-days (Resident must visit and place a written notice within 72-hours of receiving orders).
Vacation and Permissive TDY are not reasons for short notices.
If you choose to move prior to fulfilling the 30-day notice date and do not have “short orders” you are financially responsible for the remainder of the 30-day requirement.

Placing Notice to Vacate
When placing your Notice to Vacate at the Community Center Office you will receive a Move-Out Guide brochure that outlines move-out expectations and the process. In addition you will be scheduled for a Move-Out Information Session.
TMO Scheduling Reminder
To ensure that TMO can meet your family’s departure timeline be sure to schedule your move as soon as you have orders.
Move-Out Information Session
These sessions are held every other Friday at the North/South Dietz Community Office  or Oak Park Community Office starting at 10 a.m. The session offers interactive group discussions regarding the requirements associated with clearing your home. Attending a workshop is highly recommended in order to fully understand the expectations and reduce final costs. If you are unable to attend, we strongly urge you to view our Move-Out Information video by clicking here. 
Cleaning Options
Self-Clean:  A resident may choose to clean their home to the expectations described in the Move-Out Guidelines. This is a very doable option for those who have maintained their home during residency.
Hire Your Own Cleaning Company:  This is another viable cleaning option. Please remember, the home must still be cleaned to the expectations described in the Move-Out Guidelines. If choosing this option we highly recommend that you have a representative from your chosen cleaning company available to perform a touch up after your final inspection, if necessary.
The Final Inspection Procedure
All final inspections are scheduled Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.  
  • All personal belongings and trash must be removed.
  • Home is cleaned to expectations as stated in the Move-Out Guide.
  • All keys and garage remotes (if applicable) that were issued are collected.
  • Resident is provided a detailed list of charges (if applicable), prorated BAH amount and amount of refund (if applicable).
  • Resident is provided a Termination Letter.
Please note: For active duty military, refunds are issued after the BAH allotment is received and damage charges (if applicable) have been deducted.  Reminder, the BAH allotment is collected at the end of the month for that month. The refund check is mailed to the forwarding address that you provide. Refund checks typically arrive within 14 business days after the BAH allotment is received.
Tell us how we're doing!
Our team is committed to providing you with great customer service and community programs.  Feedback you provide through Insite™ surveys help us make improvements that are important to you.  Please take a few moments to provide us with feedback about services received from our leasing, maintenance and community teams.  We also encourage you to share your ideas and suggestions to improve services and enhance community activities and programs.  
General Feedback
Our promise to you is that the service you receive each day is consistent and meets your expectations every time. Give us your Insite™ when one of our team members meets or exceeds your expectations and let us know when we don’t. Your Insite™ allows us to improve services and to recognize our staff for providing great service.
Resident Bill of Rights
Click here to view a copy of the Resident Bill of Rights.