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Active Duty Applicants

Important Information for Active Duty Service Members

Required Documents for Active Duty Service Members:

  • Orders stationing service member at Fort Knox
  • DEERS DD-1172-2 (if dependents are not listed on orders by name)
  • Most recent EOM LES
  • IPPS-A Absence Request

Helpful in Certain Circumstances:

  • Special Durable POA for Spouse
  • Orders Sending SM to an installation for a Dependent-Restricted tour prior to coming to Fort Knox
  • Custody Paperwork (if applicable)
  • RFO (Request for Orders) - Officers will have these before they receive their orders and we will accept these and place on a list until orders are received
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Other Eligible Tenants

Important Information for Other Eligible Tenant Applicants

​Required Documents for Other Eligible Tenants:

  • Income Verification (full month of income statements)
  • Additional income verification for a spouse (if applicable)
  • *A background check for all occupants over 18 will also be required. We will need a $30 fee per person, payable by the applicant.